Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Virginia

An Ancient Art For Modern Times

In Ancient times,

The Kung Fu Masters were the educators of the time. They taught kung fu, medicine, reading and writing. Parents would send their children to the Temple to be accepted for classes because it was the best education, at the time, for their child to develop the skills to be successful.

The Kung Fu Masters used the techniques of kung fu to instill in each child the attributes of Focus and Discipline. They knew back then (500 ad) that these attributes had to be mastered first, if the children under their care were going to be successful.

Same Ancient Traditions for a Modern Society.

Our Youth Kung Fu Program is designed in honor of these ancient traditions and teachings with a curriculum which includes unique strength and skill building workouts, various old style weapons training, kung fu method sparring, demonstration team, and Chinese Lion Dancing.  With dedicated attendance, Pre-teen age & up excel in this curriculum.

Classes meet on Tuesday & Thursday at 4:45 PM. 

Getting Started is Easy

at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers because we play it straight! There are no hidden fees, surprises, or contracts. Our students stay because they see and feel real results surpassing their original expectations.  Fill out the form below to set up a free trial class. Need to speak to someone? Give us a call at (757) 401-9337 or Contact Us via email.