Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Virginia

Learn to relieve stress and pain, while gently strengthening the body

Discover Your Inner Strength

Each movement in our Tai Chi Class helps the practitioner gain awareness of how to release tension, while exercising within a comfortable range of motion. Though most people take up Tai Chi for the tremendous health benefits, others are intrigued by the fact that the style is actually a highly effective martial art. Shaolin Kung Fu Centers is one of the few modern schools that can teach pure Tai Chi Chuan. Whether you choose this art for health or self-defense, or both, you will quickly discover how much calmer and more at peace you feel after every class.

Why Tai Chi

The Chinese have found something that flows through the human body and it is called "chi." In English it roughly translates as "vital energy" or "energy force (sometimes referred to as life force)." This chi flows through a certain path throughout the body that is referred to as meridians. Regular practice of Tai Chi helps open up these meridians so that chi can flow freely throughout the body. Therefore, the first benefit someone will feel from regular practice of Tai Chi is an increase in energy or life force. Set up a free trial class and experience for yourself the great impact tai chi can have on your life!

Getting Started is Easy

at Shaolin Kung Fu Centers because we play it straight! There are no hidden fees, surprises, or contracts. Our students stay because they see and feel real results surpassing their original expectations.  We offer beginner classes Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:45PM and Saturdays at 10:30AM. Register below and receive your free trial class today! Need to speak to someone? Give us a call at (757) 401-9337 or Contact Us via email.